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Overview of DeepSkyJam's observatory

My futur observatory

You will now enter the heart of my hobby.
Before purchasing my Meade LX200 GPS 14" telescope I had already planed to build an observatory to house it. In fact, I never forgot that the size of a telescope is not easy to move and must be permanently polar aligned. For instance, moving the 80 lbs outside the house, aligning and cooling down the OTA, running the software and focusing the CCD camera after connecting all wiring to the computer take around one hour before starting stargazing.>> learn more

This month: Make a tour of my observatory
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The “anti rain” system

The partial rool off roof

As already explain in the previous topic, the aperture of the roof is
80” by 58” (203cm by 148cm)

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The wood structure

As shown the metal structure is covered by wood panel fixed by some crews into the metal structure. To avoid moisture on the wood, the panels are painted with a special product
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Back view of the rool off roof
The wheels
Six little pieces but an important function. The movable part of the roll off roof can slide thanks to six wheels
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Top view of a whell
Bottom view of a whell
The metal pier
The pier
Today 3D software is an important tool to build a project. Before spending time and money it is necessary to design and create each part of the future pier in 3D model to study and analyse the assembly between them. To do that, I used 3DSMax. This powerful software produces high quality and realistic pictures provinding a great help during the project. Thanks to it, I created each part of the pier with a real scale to study its impact with the telescope. Thanks to a camera field of view it was possible to optimize its size and choose its better place in the future observatory. Unfortunately this software is a 3D animation software and not a real CAO software. Therefore, it is not suitable to produce good plan with scale that's very useful when you start to build the real project. >> learn more